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Since 1994, we have been the state office of dispute resolution for Alabama. At the Center, we work with the courts, the Alabama State Bar, state agencies, schools, community mediation initiatives, and businesses to promote early and peaceful resolution of disputes. The Center serves as the administrative arm of the Alabama Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution.

Guidelines for Arbitration Proceedings in Alabama

The Alabama Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution (the Commission) developed an arbitration model. Read more...

Complaints Against Mediators and Arbitrators For Ethical Violations - Updated

The Commission has reviewed and updated the Procedures for Filing a Complaint against a mediator of arbitrator when necessary.

ADR by the Numbers

The 2023 statistics for Mediation, Arbitration, and Private Judging are available in our annual report.

Alabama's First Landlord/Tenant Mediation Program

Thanks to grants during 2022 from the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation, the Alabama Law Foundation, and the Alabama Access to Justice Commission, additional help is now available for landlords and tenants.

The Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution (the Center) was awarded $130,500 to provide free mediation services, for up to two hours per case, for landlords and tenants in unlawful detainer, eviction actions and landlord/tenant disputes filed in Alabama courts. This is court-ordered mediation.

Mediators participating in the program are on the state court roster of registered mediators maintained by the Center.
~ Learn more about the Program ~

Gold Handbook Updated

The fifth edition of Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures in Alabama with Mediation Model, known as the Gold Handbook, is updated for 2021 and available for download as a pdf file!

Educational Videos Online

Anchoring in Mediation- Mediating in the Post-COVID Era

From our May 2023 webinars...Join presenters Rod Max of Upchurch Watson White & Max, and Allen Schreiber of Schreiber ADR, as they discuss Mediating in the Post-Covid Era. This program was recorded May 18, 2023.  

Dealing with Difficult People in Mediation

From our May 2023 webinars... Join mediators Jon Lewis and Tom Corbett as they discuss ways to deal with difficult people in mediation. This program was recorded May 4, 2023.

The Importance of Empathy in Mediation

From our April 2022 webinars... Neutrals interact with disputants from various backgrounds. Building rapport helps to establish common ground, emphasize similarities, and establish empathy to help parties feel more comfortable in the exchange. Attorneys representing clients may wish to build rapport not only with their clients, but with the neutral in order to be more effective communicators and better listeners. 

ADR Trends in Alabama

Have you wondered what impact the pandemic has had on alternative dispute resolution in Alabama? During this 60-minute webinar, we reviewed ADR trends from 2021 and also talked about online dispute resolution projects that Judge Brent Craig is working on such as Online Traffic Resolution and Morgan County’s Pilot Small Claims District Court Mediation Program. Our presenters included Hon. Brent Craig, James N. Walter, Jr., Esq., and Eileen Harris, Esq.

Best Practices in Arbitration

From our April 2022 webinars... Join three well-known arbitrators from around the State of Alabama as they share their best practices for advocates and arbitrators in preparing for and conducting an efficient and fair arbitration hearing and issuing an award.

Mediating Tips for Mediators and Lawyers in the Land of Zoom
We're not in Kansas Anymore!

From our Webinar held in September 2021. Remote mediation is a whole new way to mediate! Harold Stephens and Cooper Shattuck explore how to navigate the changes. Go to Mediating Tips for Mediators and Lawyers in the Land of Zoom.

Landlord Tenant Evictions and Collaborative Law

This is one of our most requested webinars! Originally held April 2021.
Go to Landlord Tenant Evictions Video.

How to Get the Best Experience from Online Mediation

In this webinar, a panel of experienced attorney-mediators shares information gained from conducting online mediations throughout the state. This program is appropriate for lawyers representing clients in mediations as well as those wanting to learn more about online dispute resolution. Watch the video on the Online Mediation page.

COVID-19 Concerns: Online Mediation Offers an Option

On March 16, 2020, we held our first webinar on virtual mediation. Susan Guthrie presented a FREE member benefit program via the Zoom platform on “Online Dispute Mediation and Coaching.” For those practitioners whose in-person mediations and meetings are being canceled and postponed due to concerns about the COVID-19 virus, ONLINE MEDIATION provides an easily implemented solution. Listen to an audio-recording of the presentation and review other related materials on the Online Mediation page.

More Videos Online

More training videos are available for free in our Resources section.

Additional Training Opportunities

Take advantage of upcoming training opportunities sponsored by the Alabama State Bar Section on Dispute Resolution and the Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution.

Check the Calendar.



Private Judges

The Alabama Private Judge Act authorized the appointment of former or retired judges to serve as private judges in certain district and circuit court cases. - More -


Arbitration agreements, are often found in pre-printed consumer contracts. They require parties to the contract to resolve disputes in binding arbitration, rather than in court before a judge and/or jury. - More -


Mediation is a confidential, informal process during which an impartial third party, the mediator, assists disputing parties in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement regarding their dispute.

  • General Mediation offers a path to resolving many disputes. - More -
  • Family Mediation offers divorce and family mediation for parenting, divorce and post-divorce issues. - More -
  • Forclosure Prevention and Mortgage Modification Mediation offers specially-trained mediators to assist Alabama citizens with foreclosure and mortgage problems by mediating between the homeowner and the mortgage holder. - More -

Keeping your Information Safe

https:// is http secure.In keeping with industry standards, we have implemented a Secure Certificate on our website. You may see a lock symbol, a green color or the https:// protocol in the address bar. These indicate that you are accessing the real ACDR website and that the website encrypts transmitted data for additional protection.


Due to a high volume of spam, if you receive any communication from an entity purporting to be or representing the Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution, please verify by contacting the Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution at (334) 356-3802.

Identity thieves continually develop new ways to try to find out your personal information. Some common tip-offs that an email is phony are typos, grammatical mistakes, awkward language, missing words, extra spaces, and other signs that the email was written unprofessionally. Such emails might also ask you to look at an attachment or click a link and then give your personal information on a Web page or in a form. Or the sender’s email address might look suspicious. However, attackers are getting better at creating phony emails that look legitimate, so if you feel at all uncomfortable about an email that claims to be from the Center contact us.


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It contains videos and links to videos related to our favorite topics... mediation, negotiation, arbitration, restorative justice. Visit Alabama Dispute Resolution Center on YouTube.


Alabama CDR is the state office of dispute resolution. At the Center, we work with the courts, the Alabama State Bar, state agencies, schools, community mediation initiatives, and businesses to promote early and peaceful resolution of disputes. We are the administrative arm of the Alabama Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution.

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